Awards 4 You

AirplayExpress announces a “NEW” recognition service to all of it’s clients

If you are a songwriter, singer, band, record company, publisher, producer, or anyone else in the music business that has had a number 1 or  number 5 song in the Airplay Express charts you can now purchase a beautiful wooden plaque commemorating your success.  But wait!  It doesn’t stop there.  If you or your friend or loved one is a member of our Hall of Fame in any category you also can purchase an award recognizing your induction on a wooden plaque.  If all of this wasn’t enough to think about, if you have appeared on the cover of Airplay Express magazine you can order a wooden plaque with your magazine cover forever preserved on one of our beautiful wooden plaques for all your friends to see.

We will make up these mementos like the examples displayed in the picture above for only $49.95 each including shipping and handling anywhere in the USA.  You may order as few plaques as 1 but we are certain you will want to order several at once

As a Special added Bonus to all who order two or more plaques before April 30, 2019

AirplayExpress will produce a video as below, at No extra Charge to you, to capture the excitement as you open your awards

After the April 30, 2019 deadline AirplayExpress will still produce these video’s for you at a cost of $39 each and proudly place them here for all to see
Email us now and order your Gold /Platinum /Hall Of Fame/Magazine cover now!