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Nov 18, 2006 at 02:04 PM
We will soon put all our pictures with the stars we
have had the privelege of performing with here hope you
dont mind if we share it with
our Wild Horses
"Blackie Swart"
Frans & Cathy with Blackie Swart at the Bergbohaai 2009
Frans & Cathy With Dozi at the Bergbohaai 2009
"Rea Le Roux"
Rea Le Roux by die Alberton Fees/Skou
"Robert en Anna"
Robert & Anna Watergat Alberton
Die Kaalvoet Klong
Frans en Die Kaalvoetklong by die Nigel Fees-Hey dis lekker by die see
"Nico Booijse"
Frans saam met Nico Booijse Nigel Fees
Frans en Cathy saam met Spens by die Nigel Fees
Frans en Cathy saam met Denise by die Alberton Fees
"Darren"                                         "Nicky Dee"
Darren Vercuil - Supersterre Finalist - AlbertonNickyDeeJay - Krugersdorp - South Africa


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